3D Printing

One of the Top 3D Printing Companies in Los Angeles
The future is here. SOC Services — a premium print shop based in Rosemead—is one of the best 3D printing companies in Los Angeles. We are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge, which is why we have heavily invested in the art of 3D printing. 3D printing is a sophisticated way in which a client can prototype sculptures, architectural models, industrial design products, toys, and casting molds. Generally, most print places will specialize in one form of 3D printing, but here at SOC Services, we have three robust 3D printing service options.
Incredible 3D Printing Service Options in Rosemead
The first type of 3D printing service that SOC Services offers is Filament printing. It is the most cost-effective form of 3D printing and the option with the quickest turnaround time—perfect for rough prototypes. The plastic print material allows for moderate detailing and the final product is durable. Filament printing also has an easier time during post processing than other choices.
For a higher detailed model, another available option we provide is Powder printing. Products made with powder printing have a smooth finish and are highly durable. As such, they are also more expensive. This 3D printing service option also has the potential for full-color printing, which many consider to be a cutting-edge feature.
For those who require detail and durability that neither filament nor powder can achieve, SOC Services also offers Resin Printing. It is the most expensive print option, but the quality is undeniable. Our staff has the technical knowledge of how to operate this delicate machinery and can reproduce even the most complicated prototypes that a client may need.
SOC Services will help you pick the right type of 3D printing based on your product and goals. If you have any questions or concerns, contact SOC Services. We are here and happy to help.
SOC Services Offers Excellent 3D Printing Service Solutions:
* Filament Printing—Cost Effective and Quickest Form of 3D Printing
* Powder Printing—Finer Detail
* Resin Printing—Finest Detailing and Increased Durability
* Can Print Prototype Sculptures, Architectural Models, Industrial Design Products, Toys, Casting Molds
* Full Color Printing Available with Powder Printing—A Cutting-Edge Feature